Annual Reporting for PCMH 2020

Under the redesigned PCMH program, health centers will demonstrate annually that they continue to align with recognition requirements. The 2020 annual reporting requirements for PCMH recognition are outlined in the page below (accessed here).

Practices will also have the opportunity to submit data and documentation on special topics, such as behavioral health and social determinants of health. This piece is not scored for PCMH recognition but NCQA asks that practices submit the information.

NCQA has published a video recording providing a brief (20 min.) overview of  the 2020 PCMH Annual Reporting Requirements.

Abbreviated Overview of 2020 Annual Reporting and Comparison to 2019

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Below is a one-page tool that gives a brief overview of the annual reporting requirements in 2020.  The purpose of this tool is to allow folks to quickly scan and see what is required annually in terms of reporting to NCQA and maintaining PCMH recognition. In addition, for those CHCs who already participated in annual reporting in 2019 we include a column in this tool outlining any changes from 2019 to 2020.

The full 20-page detailed 2020 NCQA guidelines and requirements can be viewed in the section below.

NCQA Annual Reporting Requirements 2020

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Explore the document below for full details on the 2020 annual reporting requirements. NCQA annual reporting requirements will change year over year – updates will be available within six months before they are scheduled to take effect. Note that practices should submit the version of the annual reporting requirements that is of the same year as their renewal/anniversary date (e.g. If a practice is due in February 2020, they should report according to the 2020 requirements.).

NCQA will also ask for a completed QI Worksheet (2020 version), as mentioned in the above PDF outlining requirements for sustaining PCMH recognition.

NCQA Patient-Centered Medical Home Recognition Annual Reporting Preparation Guide For Reporting Year 2020

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This guide (published by NCQA DEC 2019) will help you navigate the NCQA Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Annual Reporting process. It explains the process and how it compares to earning initial Recognition, and what you can show NCQA to demonstrate that your practice is still functioning as a PCMH.

This guide contains several tools that will help you stay on track to complete the Annual Reporting process:

  • Annual Reporting Requirements Checklist
  • Major Milestones and tasks for Annual Reporting Checklist
  • Practice GAP Assessment and Improvement Checklist

Accepted Quality Measures

NCQA maintains a list of measures accepted as a future part of, or alternative to, the annual reporting process.

Quality Measures Crosswalk

This document represents a crosswalk chart of the quality measures that NCQA will include in its PCMH recognition program. It provides a crosswalk among the measures that are used to support HEDIS reporting, as well as to support payment incentive programs such as MACRA. In addition, the chart identifies the measures that NCQA offers certification to vendors seeking validation that their quality measures reporting capabilities meet the CMS reporting specifications. This list will be updated periodically.

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