Navigating Q-PASS for Annual Reporting

In this post we provide an update on the PCMH Annual Reporting (Sustaining) process and the ability to renew in Q-PASS under the new annual reporting requirements. NCQA has updated the new Q-PASS system. The system is now ready for you to enroll those sites that are PCMH 2014 Level 3 and expiring in the next six months. This is the same system you will use once you receive new PCMH recognition as well.

You are now able to update demographic information about the practice sites, clinicians and contact information. You also generate an invoice and pay for your recognition. Most importantly, you may now view the annual reporting requirements, upload and submit documentation and other evidence directly to NCQA to sustain your PMCH recognition status.

Please see below and for further instructions on how to navigate Q-PASS for the annual reporting process. Click here to go to NCQA.org to view Q-Pass 2.0 Video Tuorial Videos (Annual Reporting).

Step 1: Log into Q-PASS. If you are an authorized user, you will see your organization and any affiliated practice sites. If you are not an authorized user, you may request access from an authorized user within your organization. If you are unable to find any authorized user, please contact NCQA Customer Support at 1-888-275-7585 or at https://my.ncqa.org/.

Q-PASS step 1 screenshot

Step 2: Selecting the Sites for Sustaining: Select the site you want to enroll. It will say, “Annual Reporting – Ready” under the “Phase” column. Then, click on the “Action” button and choose, “Go to Organization Dashboard.”

Q-PASS step 2 screenshot

Step 3: Organization Dashboard and Enrolling Sites. From the organization dashboard, select, the “Enroll in Programs” tile and follow the instructions to enroll the site or sites, if there are multiple practice sites, you will need to set up site groups to share evidence across multiple sites.

Q-PASS step 3 screenshot

Step 4: Manage Evaluations. Once enrolled and site groups are set up, select the “Manage Evaluations” tile. Then, click on the “Sustaining Evaluations” Tab. Once there, click on the “Action” button and select “Program Dashboard.”

Q-PASS step 4 screenshot

Step 5: Complete Practice Questionnaires. There are two questionnaires. You must complete both of them in order to submit your evidence to NCQA for evaluation.

  • Getting to Know Your Practice
  • PCMH Annual Questionnaire.
Q-PASS step 5 screenshot

Step 6: Completing the Evaluation and Uploading and Submitting Evidence: Once you have completed the questionnaires, you will be taken back to the program dashboard. Click on the “Evaluation” tile. Next, click on the “Annual Reporting Criteria for PCMH” tile to begin uploading your evidence for the annual reporting requirements. You will see a series of tiles that represent the PCMH Annual Reporting requirements. Select the tiles to see the requirements and enter data, upload evidence and check them in for review. Please remember to hit “save” for each piece of evidence and select, “ready for check-in.” Once you have “checked in” evidence, it will turn purple to indicate you have checked in that requirement.

Q-PASS step 6 screenshot
Q-PASS step 6-B screenshot
Q-PASS step 6-C screenshot

Step 7: Submit for Annual Reporting: Once you have checked in all the required evidence, you are ready to submit the evidence to NCQA for review. Click on the “Submit for Annual Reporting” button.

Step 8: Review your Practice Information/update clinician information/make payment. After you submit your evidence, you will be asked to review your practice site information, update any clinician information, and make additional payments, if needed (e.g., if you added new clinicians). Once this is complete, you will be able to submit all information to NCQA.

Step 9: Achieving Recognition: Once NCQA receives your data and payment, NCQA will review your evaluation and make a Recognition decision within 30 days of your annual reporting due date. You may submit to NCQA prior to your annual reporting date, but NCQA will not review it until that time.

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